The Honeoye Lake Park Association

A Community of over 230 Properties located on the Northeast Shore of Beautiful Honeoye Lake in Upstate New York.


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2019 Dues

Thank you to those of you who have paid your dues. We have a grace period of 2 weeks from the original March 15th dues date to receive any more through online or mailed payments. Reminder: On or after April 1, 2019, you will have to pay an additional 10% late fee, so please get those dues in!

Docks & Hoists

Please remember, as per our Rules & Regulations, Section C (6), all dockage and hoist equipment needs to be off the HLPA shoreline no later than June 1, 2019. Any equipment left on the shoreline after that date is subject to removal and storage at the owner's expense

2019 Roadwork

Our major roadwork capitol improvement for 2019 will be a new culvert and bridge at Rochester near Hobart Street. This will create an inconvenience to some and we will be in touch regarding schedules and re-routes around this work. We also realize there are many potholes after this past winter, but we will commence working on roads until after the last Spring thaw.

Fire Dept. Roadwork

Some of you may have received notification from HLPA regarding Richmond Fire District's request for roadside trimming and obstruction removals. Please do this work asap...your work to comply with these requests could save lives when emergency services have to respond to calls in the association!

About the Association

Your Association Works Hard to Maintain & Improve Our Little Slice of Heaven.

The Honeoye Lake Park Association (HLPA) is a homeowners association for properties located along the Northeast shore of Honeoye Lake in Upstate New York’s Finger Lakes region. The park was formerly known as the Times Union Tract and consists of 235 properties.

The Association is responsible for the care and maintenance of the common areas located within the park. This includes the roads and the large green space park at the shore of the lake. The association also takes care of dock issues, quality of life, and other issues common to all the homeowners in the association.

This new website will allow for easy usage and access to documents and other important announcements and information.

 While we’re still working on some of the functionality, but Members may now:

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The Association maintains and archives documents of all board meeting minutes, member meetings and other important activities.

The board maintains a library of documents and archives for the association. While we have meeting minutes and other documents going back decades, we make the past years’ documents available here on the website.

(If you would like to see older documents, please send an email to with your request and we will get back to you.)



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HLPA Certificate of Incorporation (PDF)View/Download
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HLPA Corporate ByLaws (PDF)View/Download
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Contact Us

The board of directors needs input from members. We’d love to hear from you.

For NON-EMERGENCY issues, the Board is best contacted by email using the blue buttons near this message. We respond promptly to all email inquiries.

We do have  EMERGENCY ONLY phone numbers in case of imminent danger or emergency situation to persons or property in the community. These Board members live in the Park year-round. Please do not call them with general questions or inquiries.

Dennis Griffin, Board President

Sharon Helbig, Board Secretary